Oh jesus christ.  Come on, don't do this to me. 

I don't even HAVE a Jonas icon anymore.

(They sound good together.)

(Look at how he's looking at her.)

Happy Valentine's/Galentine's Day!
Le sigh.  I miss participating in fandom.  Some day, when my job isn't so stressful and my classes aren't so overwhelming, I will again.

Mary Crawley

Mary Crawley

I am absolutely fucking ecstatic that Troy has a chance to win Fandom March Madness (*knock, knock, knock*). 

There have been so many heartbreaking things: Leslie and Sybil going out so early, Pacey going out to KURT (gross), Lorelei, ugh, Buffy and Veronica losing to the Doctor, the continued inexplicable reign of Barney Stinson.  But it's so awesome to go from voting for Troy in the prelims, thinking how cool it would be if he stayed in it for awhile but thinking there was no chance, to now.  I think my favorite thing is how many people are commenting to say that they're watching Community for the first time and loving it.


(Christ, I need to catch up on my flist...)

It's the most wonderful time of the year
Mary Crawley
Oh good LORD, it has been so long since I posted that I've forgotten how. 

I have been almost entirely absent from the internet on account of having a pretty awful summer and fall.  I am having HEALTH ISSUES, but am significantly better now.  I got to the point where I couldn't eat without severe stomach pain and...other unpleasant stuff happening.  My doctor even thought I might have Crohn's Disease which, with my family's history (two of my cousins had their colons removed before the age of thirty), was very worrying.  Turns out I have just ripped the shit out of the lining of my esophagus and stomach (not exactly what my GI doctor said, I'm paraphrasing).  So now we're trying different medications to see what helps and I feel a lot, though not entirely, better.

I've lurked the comms so as not to fall completely behind on what's happening, but I really can't wait to get back to actually reading my friend's list and participating in fandom.  There is so much yummy stuff going on right now, plus I have no idea what's going on with my flist!  My fandom New Year's resolution is to be much more active, but I'm starting a little early for two reasons.

1) I HAD A SEXY DREAM ABOUT NICK JONAS AND LEWIS NIXON LAST NIGHT.  I swear, this dream came out of nowhere.  I haven't thought about Nick and Lewis Nixon in a loooong time and then bam!  Sexy dream.  It wasn't that kind of sexy dream, actually.  Nixon was Nick's college professor and Nick was unhappy with a paper (ever the perfectionist).  My dream was basically them flirting while emailing drafts back and forth which...doesn't sound like much, but was seriously pretty sexy!  Anyway, it felt like a SIGN that I needed to post.  (And then read a bunch of Nick/Nixon, Nick/older man fic.)

2) CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTMAS!!!  I am a Christmas FREAK, much like this adorable girl:

The second I left work today, with three days of Christmas celebration ahead of me, I was like this:

It is just my most favorite time of the year.  A time of gift giving,

getting together with friends,

singing carols,

and wearing Christmas sweaters!

So I wish you all a very happy holiday, whatever you celebrate.  I'm giving you all internet hugs that are significantly less awkward than the one Sheldon is giving Penny, but I think you can tell by now I'm just looking for an excuse to post Christmas pics.

During my vacation I'm going to try to catch up on my flist, so if you get comments on a post you wrote a month ago...hi!

kiss my ass Josh Groban
Mary Crawley

I am back from vacation and it was soooooooooooooooo fun.  Saw Kings of Leon in Atlantic City, the first show of their tour, and they were incredible as always.  Caleb was so nervous the entire time and said that they were never going to stop touring again because it was too hard to relearn the songs.  He kept apologizing for all the kinks they hadn't worked out yet and I wanted to inform him that KOL with kinks is still better than 90% of the bands out there today.  They've loosened up considerably, which was apparently their goal for this tour (according to Caleb), even doing a duet with The Whigs, which is rare for them.  But the BEST PART was that we got to hear five new songs, all of which sounded great.  No I'm lying, the best part was that JARED WAS SO HOT, HE KEEPS GETTING HOTTER, SOME DAY HE WILL BE COMPETITION FOR THE SUN.  Ahem.

In related news, Atlantic City sucks donkey balls.

Sports are fucking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome right now, even if my teams aren't always winning. 

Queen's Club is going on right now, Wimbledon starts in a week and a half.
LA/Boston NBA finals, GO BOSTON
Stanley Cup finals: THE FLYERS WILL WIN TONIGHT to take it to a seventh game.
World Cup starts Friiiiiiiiiiiiiday.
The Phillies...exist, which is enough for me at the moment.

THIS is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen:

The part where she fits her face into the curve of his neck?  aslfk;alsdjf;aiefja;sdfamv.  DAMN.

You know what's really fun?  Lying in your hotel room with your best friend after a concert and talking about all the ways in which Glee sucks ass, all the ways it could have been amazing and failed.

And then, of course, the season finale made me cry.  I mean, whatever, there were a million annoying things, A MILLION, LIKE ALWAYS, but since it was the season finale I'm only going to talk about the things I liked.   

GleeCollapse )

some guy with dreads electrocuted my fish
Mary Crawley

Hahahaha, I have been annoying my best friend all morning by texting 'Naturally' lyrics to her.  She hates that song and I have literally spent the last two and a half hours texting the lyrics over and over to her.  She's about to kill me.  The trick is to slip them in with important information about, say, the trip that we're taking together this weekend.  That way she can't ignore it.  It's how I show my affection!

So I am totally over feeling like I can't write Joe/Demi.  (Yay!)  There were a few (glorious) months where reality and fantasy came together, but I shipped them long before they were a couple so I'm back to that head space (thank god).  The only problem now is that I have a month to finish my big bang!  I remembered this meme from awhile back and I've used it as an excuse to go reread some of my stuff and get back in the writing flow.

WIP meme:

1. She runs into him at a vegan cupcake shop on Broome Street. 

In a city of more than eight million people (who, nearly four years in, still scare her to death on a daily basis), of course she’d somehow run into her (sort of) ex-boyfriend who transferred schools and pretended to be in love with her so that he could break her heart and make her bomb Regionals.  In a cupcake shop.

the restCollapse )

Mary Crawley

I think I've just got to come to grips with the fact that this show will make me ecstatic with the quality of writing and performances and then make me want to set everyone and everything on fire...in the same episode.

The good, the bad, and the uglyCollapse )


Has anyone read this Kurt/Puck story?  It is fucking fabulous.  Does anyone know if there's any more Kurt/Puck stuff out there?  A pairing I never would have thought I would have enjoyed, hmm.

Also, on a way happier note, I just watched Community.  Jeff and Annie!  Wheeeee!!!  That was the best ten seconds ever.  I prefer them to Jeff/Britta but I was pretty sure that was the way the show was heading, so I just went with it and didn't let myself wish for them.  But then the TV gods gave them to me!  I won't even be upset if it doesn't go further than that, because that's more than I thought I'd ever get.  :D

It sucks. It sucks up one side and down the other.
Mary Crawley

Well, I'm not going to lie, I'm really super bummed about Demi and Joe.  Super bummed.  And the shittiness is exacerbated by the way that so many people in the comms are acting, like, apparently we have to pick teams now, because we're in the third grade.  It gets my back up that people are being so cruel about Demi acting exactly the way a lot of seventeen year olds act when they're heartbroken and have to see the guy who dumped them every single day (every. single. day).  And Joe, you know the last thing Joe wanted to do was hurt Demi.  I feel so bad for them.  :(

I am, however, kinda happy with the way my brain decided to deal with it.  I went to bed sad and then woke up in the middle of the night and wrote an entire fic about it.  I've never woken up in the night and written an entire story.  Ever.  I don't know if I should post it, cause I strongly suspect it's melodramatic shit, but I'm glad about two things.  One, it got me through about three stages of grief (you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not).  Two, I hadn't been writing AT ALL for over a month.  The well was totally dry and I was panicking hardcore about my big bang and then there was just this flood of words last night.  Course now I'm panicking about my big bang for different reasons, but I'll figure something out.

I am not getting rid of my 17 Joe/Demi icons.

Things making me insanely happy:

-SPORTS.  The motherfucking Flyers are in the motherfucking Stanley Cup finals.  There are no words.  Also, I met Jason Werth last night!  And a bunch of other Phillies, but...JASON WERTH!!!  Dude is hot.

-My subconscious sent me Nick Jonas last night.  I woke up laughing at myself this morning, it was so delightful.  When I went back to sleep at 4am, after writing, I had a dream that Nick and I were at an art gallery and we stood in front of a painting and I rested my head on his shoulder and he rested his head on top of mine.  THAT WAS MY ENTIRE DREAM.  Hahahahahahaha!  Like Nick would ever go to an art gallery.  And I love that my brain was like, you're sad about Joe and Demi?  I give you...Nick Jonas to lean on in your sleep.  And here's some art, cause you like art. 

Thank you, brain.

CSI real
Mary Crawley
Dear Glee,

We fight, we break up, we kiss, we make up.

I loved so much about the things you chose to be yesterday.  HOW ABOUT YOU DO THAT EVERY WEEK?? 

CLEARLY the writers brought their A game knowing JOSS WHEDON (who brings things to another level simply by stepping in the room) and NEIL PATRICK HARRIS were going to be there (not to mention Menzeeeeeel).  If they can make one episode like this, they can make more and I hope, hope, hope that they do.  I loved every. single. number, I thought Kevin McHale hit it out of the park with Artie's storyline, it didn't feel rushed and disjointed and, of course, any time you put Michelle and Groff center stage you're going to get a better show.  (They are, simply, perfection together.  They play off each other so beautifully and it will be a shame if they leave Lea without someone of her caliber to play off of like that.)  (Although my Glee fic just went AU, blah.)  Between this and the Kurt and his dad storyline from last week, I'm feeling hopeful about the finale and next year.  PLEASE DON'T SUCK NEXT WEEK.

Love (for now),

P.S. Maybe just a tiny update on Quinn's baby?  Like, just...it's still there, right?

P.P.S. Can NPH just pop in now and then, fresh from playing Billy Bigelow in a community theater production of Carousel or something?


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